Image result for image of mentoringPMI-SWIC offers this unique one-to-one professional mentoring program to support those who are seeking to obtain a PMI credential, those whose promotion or new job require PM skills and knowledge that haven’t been used before or for a long time, and those who are new to the area and want help finding opportunities and people to help achieve their professional goals at their own pace.  In other words, this program matches those seeking a Mentor with an experienced, PMI certified project manager who has volunteered to share his/her knowledge and skills to help assure the advancement of others in our chapter through a planned study program supplemented with suggested study materials, courses, classes, networking events, and other opportunities that will target a Mentee’s personal needs to meet their professional goals.

In this program, we do our best to match Mentee/Mentor partners based on a variety of characteristics such as the ambitions of the Mentee with the strengths of the Mentor to ensure an experience of learning and development for both parties. We also consider geographic location, career interests and personalities. Our Mentees benefit from valuable study and professional advice as well as a different perspective on exam questions and terms, issues, and concerns that may be different from or outside of their work experience. Additionally, it provides both Mentee and Mentor an opportunity to create a unique and lasting relationship with another chapter member. Mentors enhance this professional partnering by serving as role models, coaches, and advisors to their Mentee as they learn new information and consider how to best apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge in the pursuit of their professional goals.

The program, which costs at total of $100/12-months for a Mentee, consists of a minimum of one meeting or phone call per month for up to twelve months. Participants are encouraged to meet and communicate above and beyond this minimum as personal schedules allow. The Mentee is responsible for being the initiator of establishing meetings with their Mentor.  If you are interested in becoming either a Mentor or Mentee begin by filling out and returning the appropriate application to the VP Professional Development

PMI-SWIC Mentee Application Form

PMI-SWIC Mentee Handbook

PMI-SWIC Mentor Application Form

PMI-SWIC Mentor Handbook


Whether you are new to project management and just beginning your studies for your PMP®/CAPM® certification exam or you’ve passed your certification and want to gain a more in-depth understanding of a particular knowledge area that will help you in career advancement taking part in a PMISWIC Study Group is a very effective strategy for enhancing your learning plan.  Groups share unique insights and learn from each other to attain the goal of learning and understanding the information in the most current PMBOK® Guide.

Participation in PMISWIC’s Facilitated Study Groups are available only to chapter members in good standing.  Study Groups will be offered in small group settings under the guidance of an experienced PMP®. The cost to each chapter member is $30/module and participants may registerfor one or more study group modules where they will acquire a greater comprehension of the approaches, processes, as well as the tools and techniques of the knowledge areas being studied. The Study Groups are organized to present the PMBOK® knowledge areas in related groups and using appropriate published materials which can be purchased online or checked out through interlibrary loan from EVPL (2-4 weeks’ notice required).

Each week group members will be assigned reading materials and discussion questions to be used in the next learning session.  Participants will be expected to take turns as the “information expert” for specific material; and everyone will create project documents using templates based on a project case study.  Additionally, there will be multiple choice exams on each module as well as a Process Discussion to determine the group’s level of satisfaction with each module completed.   Please find the dates for upcoming modules in the events calendar. The modules which do not have to be taken in any particular order are:

Developing Project Plan Basics
(Offered March & August)

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost

Managing the Necessary Team Soft Skills
(Offered April & September)

  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder

Information & Decisions Before Planning
(Offered in July)

  • Framework
  • Processes
  • Integration

Building In Greater Project Plan Success
(Offered May & October)

  • Quality
  • Risk

The PM’s Professional Knowledge Essentials
(Offered June & November)

  • Procurement
  • Professional & Social Responsibility


Organizations with 5 or more participants may arrange a Study Group to be held on their premises during the business day contact VP Professional Development.

Study Group Registration Form