2013 PMI R2 meeting

Why R2 Rocks and Why Someone Should go out on a LIM

Huh? Before I became involved SWIC I would have had shared that very intelligent thought. Now I know that R2 is short for Region 2 but is generally used to refer to the Region 2 bi-annual meeting focusing on chapter interests such as Membership, Communications, Leadership, and Education.

SWIC is the southern most chapter in the region that extends from Indiana over to Nebraska and up into Saskatchewan (option for graphic). 

Chapters are invited to send members - conference-related costs reimbursed! A year ago SWIC even hosted the Fall R2 event. It was a huge undertaking that Stephanie and Curtis made look effortless. For a small chapter we have a lot going on.

At R2 there are lots of interesting people to meet, engaging presentations, a riveting key note speaker, and small group sessions designed to let you create the information you want to know and share with other chapters. Some vendors attend such as Proteon (Chapter hosting software) and Platinum Edge (Agile Training). The PMI administrator for R2 was there to discuss what PMI is doing to support chapters now and what's ahead. The PMI Educational Foundation presented outreach tools and what they are seeking to develop.

Of course, there is an unending supply of food and both formal and informal social time. Personally, I think the locations are chosen for the quality of the golf courses for Saturday afternoon golf after R2 "ends". On one group event I got to be Riverboat Pilot Pam until the target buoy on my far left ended up on my far right.

This was my second meeting and I learned even more, met interesting new people and renewed contacts. The key note speaker was inspiring and I came away with some new approaches to meetings and Curtis and I were able to divide our efforts. For instance, he attended a presentation about increasing sponsorship while I learned about membership from a very large chapter.

R2's parting gift? A huge pile of PDUs and great memories. No downside.

Bottom line:  R2 is: Fun for you; Great for the chapter; Good for the Region and PMI

-Pam Ewing

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