Congratulations to Three New PMPs!

Well done Gerald Hagedorn, Okechi Emeka-Egwim and Suzanna Morris, who all recived their PMP credentials since our previous announcement.  And just in case you missed it, here it is again. 

Since mid-2018, 11 members have earned a PMP certification and one has earned a CAPM certification, each an outstanding achievement!  Congratulations go to (with sincere apology if any have been missed, especially in 2018):  Jerry Barnett, Christine Barnhart, Cara Sweeney, Kendra Trott, Troy Courtney, Paul Cavins, Christine Hoffmeister, Carrie Weber, Eric Gehlhausen (CAPM), Jesse Kaufman, Malcolm Booth and Kimberley Paurazas.  Well done!